KL Photography



Balanced Rock at Sunset
Morning Light
Balanced Rock
Balanced Rock Panorama
Balanced Rock Silhouette Panorama
Golden Sunrise Silhouette
Park Avenue
Pastel Sunrise
Fiery Furnace
Sandy Canyon
Balanced Rock at Night
Desert Globe Mallow
Evening Butte
Evening Butte - Vertical
Skyline Arch Panorama
Silhouette in North Window
Skyline Arch wide-angle Panorama
Sky through North Window
North Window and Sky
Fiery Furnace
Desert Dawn Silhouette
Rocky Sunrise
The Organ
Park Avenue Panorama
Turret Arch
Skyline Arch Sunset Panorama
Sunrise Butte
Sunrise Butte Panorama
Skyline Arch, close-up
North and South Window Panorama
Arches Panorama
Skyline Arch Panorama

© Katrina Leigh